How relaxing can boost your "luck factor" 

My preferred lender, Starling Nowell, shot me this message and I just HAD to pass it along! Read up about it below!  ~ Libby

We live in a stressful world. According to mental health authorities, anxiety is one of the greatest problems for modern humans-with diagnosable anxiety disorders affecting over 44 million Americans. Even those who don't suffer acute symptoms are still handling "above the line" anxiety just from navigating the normal day-to-day pressures of life. 

A surprising side effect of all this anxiety is that it can actually reduce our experience of being "lucky" on a regular basis. Many people don't believe in luck, but there is a feeling associated with serendipity, surprising opportunities that show up exactly at the moment we are prepared to act on them, and other forms of synchronicity. That's what I'm talking about. 

Richard Wiseman, a researcher with University of Hertfordshire, U.K., says that those who consider themselves "lucky" tend to be more open to new experiences and more aware of their surroundings, which allows them to see opportunities that others miss. 

Whereas, anxiety pushes people to zoom in on a perceived threat and often blinds them to the bigger picture. In other words, their minds become closed to many of the available options or other information that might help them take more productive actions in the moment. 

I have heard it said that "luck is when preparedness meets opportunity"-but if my mind is closed by pressure and anxiety, I am unlikely to even see the opportunities when they show up, no matter how well-prepared I might be. 

So research tells us that finding ways to truly relax-even in a hectic world-can raise our experience of feeling like life is handing us good thing after good thing. 

It can often feel impractical to stop and take a mental health break when the schedule is packed with highly urgent, highly important things to do-but scientific research is now telling us that this is not a matter of being indulgent with ourselves; engaging in relaxation can measurably improve our success over time! 

Top relaxation suggestions:

  • Nature walks
  • Mindfulness or meditation practices (can be as simple as devoting ten minutes to listen to peaceful music with no distractions)
  • Yoga
  • Real conversation with a close friend

It might seem hard to find time for any of these, but we are learning that making space in our lives for these things can actually improve success and lower anxiety. It's a worthy investment rather than a guilty pleasure because we get more of what we really need and less of what makes life harder than it needs to be. 

Also, research is discovering that it might require as little as 20-30 minutes per day for intentional relaxation to make a big difference! When they put it that way, feeling better and enjoying more "luck" might not be that hard to accomplish. 

Do you have any favorite deep relaxation techniques that I didn't mention? 

Drop me an email anytime! I'd love to hear from you. 


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8 reasons selling without a real estate agent is a recipe for disaster

Let’s face it, selling a home without a real estate agent is just plain risky. FSBOs jeopardize time, money, and most importantly, an advantageous outcome.

But, despite research that shows that shows that FSBO listings sell for about 5.5 percent less than comparable properties sold through the MLS, some sellers still want to go the do-it-yourself route, forgoing the cost of commission and the aid of an agent.

In reality, a listing agent brings more to the table than most homeowners realize. The next time you try to turn a FSBO, point them to these critical questions and remind them of these eight invaluable benefits agents offer.

1. Knowledge

What you don’t know can absolutely hurt you, and it can come back to bite you even worse.

A real estate agent’s knowledge is priceless.

Agents know what the internet doesn’t tell consumers, and they can provide insight that consumers can’t get online.

Agents know how to make sense of the data and the entire selling process so that sellers and their home are fully prepared before hitting the market.

2. Time

Everyone’s time is valuable, but do sellers truly have time to attempt to play the real estate agent role?

Are sellers available to show their home in a safe manner, and is it accessible on a moment’s notice?

How will sellers handle showings when they are on vacation for a week and there are cash buyers in town?

Can you say lost opportunity?

Do sellers have the time to devote to scheduling and managing showing appointments? What about feedback? Do sellers know what questions to ask and the best way to reach agents to elicit a response?

Are they able to aptly respond to agent and buyer questions, concerns and objections in a manner that will help overcome the hesitation to move forward?

Are sellers able to offer solutions to buyer-perceived obstacles with the property? Can they furnish expert resources such as architects, contractors, designers, engineers or other experts?

3. Presentation

Image is everything when it comes to real estate. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the same goes for putting a property up for sale.

Do sellers know how to properly prepare their home for sale, and do they know what it needs or doesn’t need?

Are they able to stage it or bring in someone who can? What about professional photography, drone, video and 3D? Are they able to orchestrate photo andvideo shoots with ease and know who to contact? What about photo styling and having an eye for how a space will translate on camera?

4. Marketing

How are sellers going to market their property? Do they know who the buyer demographic is for their home and/or neighborhood? How do sellers reach buyers?

Do sellers have access to predictive analytics or know how to strategically promote the listing to other agents in the community and on social media?

What kind of print media is appropriate for the property, and how will sellers have that created and printed? What agents are most likely to have buyers for the home?

Are they local or regional, or must sellers reach out nationally or internationally?

In real estate, the world doesn’t seem so vast as agent networks are strong, and six degrees of separation often ensues when an agent in New York City reaches out to his or her agent contact in China about a buyer for a property.

5. Negotiation experience

So the sellers received an offer. Now what? How do they respond? What do they look for in that purchase agreement?

In this hot seller’s market that many are experiencing right now, are sellers prepared to take multiple offers and milk a bidding war to get the best deal?

What terms and conditions could be disadvantageous to the sellers? What costs should or shouldn’t they incur? Do they know how to negotiate to keep the buyer in the game versus walking away?

How do they strike a delicate balance between protecting their interests as a seller and working with the buyer toward the goal of putting an agreement together?

Here’s where what sellers don’t know can hurt them the most.

6. Inspection and repair know-how

This is one of the most difficult parts of a real estate transaction, even for real estate professionals. Do sellers know what inspections they should expect?

How should they handle items that are flagged as needing repair or replacement by an inspector? What kinds of repairs are usually done by a seller?

Do they have a roster of repair people at the ready who can come out on a moment’s notice?

Hint: It’s typically not who you find in the Yellow Pages or by doing a Google search.

If sellers don’t know better, they could find themselves making an improvement, not a repair on their home for a new buyer.

7. Transaction management

So the home is under contract with a buyer. What do sellers do next? Do they know who they need to be in contact with?

Who is going to be handling the closing? What items should they be following up on? How will they handle challenges like the property not appraising for the contract sales price or the deal potentially derailing due to home inspection issues?

What happens if the buyer’s financing is shaky?

8. Closing finesse

Do sellers know what the closing protocol is in their market and what the expectations are? When do sellers have to be completely moved out of the house?

In some markets, that means by the day of closing, and in others, the seller has possession for a few days after closing.

What condition are sellers expected to leave the home in? How do they handle unexpected, last-minute issues that may arise: the movers damage the home when moving belongings out, the air conditioner is on the fritz, or worse yet, the moving crew doesn’t show up when they are supposed to.

Selling a home without an agent is like throwing caution to the wind along with the commission.

The perceived savings can come back to bite sellers in terms of uninformed decisions and costly mistakes that — in the long run — end up costing sellers more money than if they would have used an agent to protect their interests and help them justify their home’s value in the first place.

Cara Ameer is a broker associate and Realtor with Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


GNR - 'Middle Tennessee Home Sales See Strong Spring Start in March'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 7, 2017) – There were 3,420 home closings reported for the month of March, according to figures provided by Greater Nashville REALTORS®. This figure represents an 8.9 percent increase compared to the 3,141 closings in March 2016.

     Data for the first quarter of 2017 showed 8,338 closings, up 9.7 percent from the 7,601 closings during the first quarter of 2016.

     "March was a very strong month for our region's housing market with sales up almost 9 percent," said Greater Nashville REALTORS® President Scott Troxel. "We were exactly 96 units short of tying the mark for the best March on record, which is March 2006. A stronger economy and growing consumer confidence enable our region to continue to experience positive growth that rivals our market’s best years."

     “Mortgage interest rates have risen slightly in the past month, which can nudge potential buyers to act more quickly,” said Troxel. “Interest rates are very important for homebuyers and they get that. The rate can begin to impact whether a buyer can qualify for the home they want. Locking in at the lowest interest rate is a motivating factor for many buyers.”

There were 3,602 sales pending at the end of March, compared with 3,285 pending sales at this time last year. The average number of days on the market for a single-family home was 50 days.

      The median residential price for a single-family home during March was $273,500 and for a condominium, it was $199,900. This compares with last year’s median residential and condominium prices of $245,000 and $181,894, respectively.

     Inventory at the end of March was 10,710, down from 11,951 in March 2016. The current inventory of properties by category, compared to last year, is:

 "April is Fair Housing Month, and as Realtors, we strive to help all who desire to own a home to become a homeowner. We are advocates for all current and future homeowners, and we will continue working to ensure housing is available to all,” said Troxel.


     Greater Nashville REALTORS® is one of Middle Tennessee’s largest professional trade associations and serves as the primary voice for Nashville-area property owners. REALTOR® is a registered trademark that may be used only by real estate professionals who are members of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribe to its strict code of ethics.

The List with Libby Team featured on the Ledger's 'Sale of the Week' by Richard Courtney

We are beyond flattered that our most recent listing in Bellevue was featured as the 'Sale of the Week' from an editorial by local real estate expert Richard Courtney.

He writes:

“I believe in Bellevue” was the slogan and battle cry of the area in the late 1970s, and the neighborhoods along the Harpeth River carried that determination on their backs immediately following the Flood of 2010.

Bellevue was one of the hardest-hit regions, attracting neighbors from all over Nashville into the flood-torn regions wielding shovels, picks, hammers, wheelbarrows and other implements of destruction and construction. It was the recipient of assistance from thousands of volunteers who poured into the ravaged streets and houses.

It was an example of volunteerism that was unparalleled as thousands of people showed up. No one told them where to go, what to bring or how to do anything. Mayor Karl Dean and his staff immediately saw the manpower swelling and began to help.

They brought hundreds, if not thousands of dumpsters into the region and began a process of ridding the homes of their soaked belongings and construction components. When the volunteers saw dumpsters, they immediately began filling them. As soon as one dumpster would fill, it would be removed and replaced by another.

Within a few days, most of the material damage of the residential areas affected by the flooding rested in several sites around the city. It was then that overall effect of the event could be seen as thousands of houses in Bellevue had been gutted, stripped to the studs.

Harpeth Wood felt the brunt of the flood, and many of the homes that had never had a drop of the Harpeth River cross their property lines had water into their second levels or up to their rooflines.

Beech Bend Drive is a long street that rises and drops. Some homes were submerged, others untouched.

The house at 984 Beech Bend Drive is located near houses that flooded. When it was listed, however, Libby Bruno of the Wilson Group, one of the top real estate brokerage firms in Nashville, was quick to assert that this property “DOES NOT require flood insurance.”

Metro bought land in many areas of Harpeth Woods that had a chance of flooding again. That land was converted to greenway space. With these greenways in place, the likelihood houses in the area flooding was greatly decreased.

Libby Bruno, no stranger to creative and aggressive marketing, held an open house on Saturday – as opposed to the traditional Sunday open houses – and received multiple offers on her listing. The house was listed for $269,900, an optimistic price for 1,375 square feet, but she hit the sweet spot as the offers poured in. It sold for $287,000.

Vicki Testerman of Village Real Estate Services reeled in the catch for her clients.

These prices were never seen before the Flood, and Bellevue is one of the best-kept secrets in Nashville real estate. A Marcus Mariota toss or two away from Belle Meade and convenient to shopping, interstates and the Warner Parks, prices are reasonable, and all the houses that flooded were rebuilt in 2010 with 7-year-old everything.

The home that Testerman secured for her buyer has stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood flooring and a floor plan that features a vaulted ceilings and separated bedrooms creating a ski lodge atmosphere.

Richard Courtney is a real estate broker with Christianson, Patterson, Courtney, and Associates and can be reached at

Check out the full editorial HERE

Forbes: Nashville a top market to invest in a home in 2017

Jan 12, 2017, 2:48pm CST Jacob Steimer Staff reporterNashville Business Journal

Nashville is one of the best cities in the country for investing in residential real estate in 2017, according to Forbes. The magazine named Nashville the eighth-best U.S. market in which to buy a home this year, citing the city's outsized recent growth in population, jobs and home prices.

For the rankings, Forbes partnered with Local Market Monitor, a company that tracks more than 300 housing markets. For each market, the company analyzed housing indicators as well as broader growth trends to determine each city's projected three-year growth in housing prices.

The analysis determined that home prices in the Nashville market will grow by 24 percent over the next three years and that homes in the Nashville market are under-priced by 7 percent.

Nashville ranked fourth on the 2014 version of the list, but did not make the magazine's top 10 in 2015 or 2016.

Southern cities dominated the list for 2017, with Dallas claiming the top spot.

Jacob Steimer covers Music City's tourism, hospitality and music business industries.

Match Day, Your Home, and Your Realtor

With all of the excellent hospitals in Nashville, making a choice about which one you want to end up at could seem pretty easy. The excitement of your residency and entire career is ahead of you. When it comes to picking a home though, you’re lost in a sea of home ads, misinformation, and doubt. You know you’re available for the Doctor Loan and you want to make a good choice for your next home, but you’re not sure where to go.

You need a Realtor.

A Bit about Me:

I currently have over 10 years of real estate experience, 8 and a half of which have been in Nashville, TN. My specialization is with Physicians, others in the medical profession, and first time home buyers, and I see it as my responsibility to learn about my clients, to understand what they are looking for in a home, and then go out and find it. Selling houses is only one part of what I do. My ultimate desire is to help make the dreams of the individuals and families I work with a reality.

So much goes on in the home buying process. It’s a great deal more than just finding homes and selling them, and it’s my job to make it simple and take all the pain out of the process. I handle negotiations, work to your best interest when issues arise, take care of all the paperwork for the transaction, schedule inspectors, appraisers, and anyone else that’s needed - all so you aren't bothered and overwhelmed. When it’s time to close on the house, I also coordinate with the title attorney on scheduling and documentation, so you don’t have to because you need your time to save lives!

Picking someone to help you buy a home can be scary, especially when you’re moving to a new area and don’t have the personal connections who know a trustable agent. I can show you what to look for in a Realtor, alongside the guarantee that I will provide these services and more when finding you a new home.

A Realtor Listens

As a medical professional, you know the value of listening. If a patient comes in and describes how much pain they’re in and what happened to them, but you don’t listen, then you know you aren’t doing your job well. The same goes for a Realtor. I want to listen to your needs and help you meet them.

We Adapt

You have a crazy schedule, and at the end of a long day you don’t want to come home to an inbox that’s been spammed with an overwhelming number of future home options. Clear, precise, and catered communication is what you need, and a Realtor should be aware of that and act accordingly.  

Communication is Key

Besides being adaptive to how they talk to you, your Realtor should flat out just be a good communicator. If you have to struggle through every sentence they say with a dictionary and google searches, then you don’t have the right person. Let me be someone who can speak to you in normal, everyday terms. Otherwise, you may end up with a home you never wanted.

Knowledge = Quality

Match Day is very soon, and it won’t be long after that before you’re on to your residency. When that time comes, you shouldn’t have to still be worrying about buying a new home and moving in. Having a Realtor who cares about your time and needs is vital. If a Realtor is trying to sell you a home an hour away from your hospital or that doesn’t have ample room for you and your family, chances are they haven’t been listening. Give me a call and you will feel heard.

~ Libby Bruno and Ryan Hilliard

Nashville: The Perfect Location for Healthcare Professionals

Did you know that Nashville is only a single day’s drive from almost everywhere in the eastern United States? There aren’t too many places in the country that boast the accessibility and rich culture that Nashville can. If you need more evidence that it’s the place for you, then here’s the top 3 reasons why you should move to Nashville:

Jobs are Booming

It’s more than a little cliché these days that most people who come to Nashville are simply trying to make it in country music. While it’s very true that music, history, and good manners are all big parts of the culture here, Nashville is also incredibly progressive and an excellent place for businesses big and small.

There’s more than a few major players in the Nashville area’s economy. Nissan is headquartered just a short drive away in Franklin. The major tech company Sony has a huge presence in the area as well. But the real star of the show is the healthcare industry.  Healthcare in particular has become an enormous sector of Nashville’s economy, led by some of the top hospitals and medical centers in the nation like Vanderbilt and Williamson County Medical. The Nashville healthcare industry has actually surpassed the music industry, a fact most Americans do not realize.  Medical professionals (Doctors, Physicians, Dentists, etc.) are all chomping at the bit to make Nashville their home. 

If you need further proof that the job economy is good, the current unemployment rate in Nashville is well below the national average by every measurement. Chances are very high that it will stay there for the foreseeable future.

Cost of Living is Low

As of right now, the cost of living is 1% lower than the national average. That may not sound like a whole lot, but Nashville looks very good when you consider the fact that most major cities in the United States able to provide comparable living conditions and services are well above the national average.

Think about all Nashville has to offer: vibrant tourism, large corporations alongside small homegrown businesses, top-notch schools, easy access to a major airport hub, and some of the best hospitals and healthcare in the Southeast. All of this (with the added bonus of genuine southern sweet tea) comes at a price tag under the national average. It’s a fantastic deal.

The Housing Market

By all assessments the current housing market in and around Nashville is hot. In the past year, there’s been a rebirth of neighborhoods all across the city and strong job growth. Condos and new homes are popping up left and right, and once neglected areas now have new residents and life.

Freddie Mac recently reported that Nashville finished 2015 with the 8th strongest housing market in the United States. 2016 looks to be just as promising, with the best January the area has seen in almost 10 years. A low median price for homes, hundreds of construction projects, and every other sign points to Nashville as the place to buy your next home.

~ Libby Bruno and Ryan Hilliard

Nashville Area Hospitals are the perfect choice for any new Resident

As a medical professional you’re probably wondering where you should plan your future, buy your house, and settle down. If so, it’s quite possible that Nashville has crossed your mind. The Nashville area is home to some of the premiere hospitals in the United States, and when Match Day rolls around you could end up with a new southern home. Let me give a quick rundown of the top hospitals in our area, and why you really should give Nashville a close look!

Vanderbilt Medical Center/ Children’s Hospital

Here’s a name that everyone knows: Vanderbilt. Besides close association with the fairly regular March Madness contender, the medical side of Vanderbilt cares more about the third Friday in March than tip-off time. Vanderbilt has every field of medicine imaginable, from cancer treatment and neurology to dental health and plastic surgery. They also focus on medicine research in order to further help their patients heal and push the medical community to further heights.

Saint Thomas West

Saint Thomas West has been consistently ranked in the top 100 hospitals in the United States for many years now, and there’s no indication that the hospital wants to have that go away anytime soon. This faith-based hospital holds the highest quality care for patients as its core value, and it shows. If you’re a doctor looking for a potential match in cardiology, orthopedics, cancer treatment, or a whole host of other options, this hospital is a fantastic choice.

Williamson County Medical

Just a short drive away from Nashville you’ll find this precious gem of Tennessee. Few hospitals can match the achievements of this one. It’s currently ranked 1st in the market for medical care, it’s in the top 10% in the United States for overall hospital, medical, surgical, and cancer care, and it’s in the top 10% for patient safety in Tennessee. Sounds like a great place to work or get treated!

Tristar Southern Hills

Another impeccable option, Southern Hills claims its place as a pillar of Nashville’s medical community for a number of solid reasons. When it comes to quick patient care, this hospital is a top choice. They boast an average ER wait time that usually spans anywhere from 4-15 minutes. Specializations include cardiology, cancer care, joint and spine care, and a state of the art sleep center. Also included is a competitive program to keep their medical professionals learning and growing with continued education.

Tristar Centennial Hospital

Boasting 5 different Medical Centers, Centennial is another well-known and popular options for healthcare in the Nashville area. With a Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital, Women’s Hospital, Heart Center, and one of the area’s oldest psychiatric facilities all in one hospital, you can’t go wrong.

Nashville General

With close ties to Meharry Medical College and Vanderbilt University, Nashville General Hospital always has its ear to the ground within the medical world for new breakthroughs and treatments. Besides the obvious goal to assist and heal its’ patients, the nature of this hospital is geared toward education. Medical students from the area utilize Nashville General as the primary teaching hospital, but breast health, cardiology, imaging, and numerous other clinics are also available as opportunities to medical professionals.

~ Libby Bruno and Ryan Hilliard  


Match Day is Fast Approaching - Doctors, Dentists, and Physicians of all kinds are coming to Nashville

Medical professionals are well aware that the third Friday in March is quickly approaching. Match Day is almost upon us, and as all of the difficult work is winding down you probably can’t help but wonder “where am I going to end up?” An important question, particularly since there’s going to be a whole lot of change coming your way very quickly.

Nashville (and it's surrounding areas including Franklin, TN) is currently a huge hub of the medical world, and by most estimates it is considered to be one of the top areas for professionals interested in the healthcare industry. Chances are, you could be matched to one of the many hospitals in the area. If you’ve requested to be matched with one of the foremost hospitals in the area like Vanderbilt or St. Thomas West, you may want to reach out to an agent soon to start looking at your options. The home buying process is complicated at best, and rushing into a decision is the last thing you want to do.

Your vision is to find some quality real estate that you can pay for through the Doctor Loan and not have to worry about the neighborhood, nearby schools, or the possibility of a costly hour long commute to your new residency. Perhaps your spouse is finally excited not to live in a small one bedroom apartment anymore and dreams of a spacious three or four bedroom home with a yard for the kids to play in.  Our vision is to find you that home!

Real estate can be a hassle, especially for those in the medical profession. You want quality, comfort, and affordability, just like everyone else. You also want to avoid the potential of a long, drawn out home buying process, because you have bodies to heal and lives to save. You’ve earned your way into your new residency, and in our eyes, you’ve also earned your way into the best Nashville home we can find for you.

It’s fortunate for you that Nashville has a robust and healthy real estate market, and a good Realtor can help you find your dream home here in the Music City. There are houses in our area that will meet the needs of anyone and everyone, if you know where to look.

Whether you get matched right away or end up having to scramble for a match, it never hurts to be prepared and to look at all of your potential living options in advance. You really don’t know for certain what your life will look like in a month, but knowing that you and your family will have a place to live can give some incredible peace of mind.

~ Libby Bruno and Ryan Hilliard  


Home buyers have to act quickly in tight Williamson market

Meg and Chandler Farmer went on vacation in Colorado after spending weeks unsuccessfully looking for a house to buy in Franklin. That’s when they unexpectedly spotted a posting on social media that friends planned to move.

The house was not yet listed for sale, but the Farmers realized they had to move quickly or risk losing it to competing buyers in Williamson County’s tight real estate market, where not enough homes are for sale to meet demand.

The problem was, they were more than 1,100 miles away and were afraid the house would be sold by the time they returned home. It had happened before.

“Every house we looked at, it was crazy. That day there would be two or three offers,” said Chandler Farmer.

Social media provided the solution. The Farmers called the couple and arranged a video tour.

“They FaceTimed us as they toured the house. They carried their iPhone through the house. We were video chatting. Then we put in an offer,” said Chandler Farmer.

Their resourcefulness paid off and the Farmers expect to move soon to their new home, located near the Goose Creek Bypass in Franklin.

Lisa Wurth, the Farmers’ Realtor, said the market is unbelievably competitive. She knows of one seller who received 21 offers in just one day.

“It’s obviously a sellers’ market and absolutely a prime time to sell,” said Wurth, managing broker for Benchmark Realty in Franklin and president-elect of the Williamson County Association of Realtors (WCAR).

The problem is that buyers are competing for a shrinking number of homes for sale. And that number is actually smaller than it may seem, said WCAR President David Logan. He is vice president of SilverPointe Properties in Brentwood.

There were 1,623 houses and condos listed for sale in Williamson County at the end of December. But one third of those homes have an offer pending or are under contract and are not really on the market anymore.

“That knocks down the number significantly. Of the 1,600 (listed), we have 1,000 homes available for people to look at,” Logan said.

He would prefer for the market to have a four-month supply of homes instead of today’s two-month inventory.

“We’ve got a problem. We have about half the inventory,” Logan said.

Not only are there fewer homes on the market than there appear to be, houses are selling faster than many people think, said Benchmark Realtor Sharon Brugman.

Homes officially spent an average of 60 days on the market, the WCAR reported in December. But that includes all houses up until the moment an offer is pending and the closing is imminent. The seller might have accepted an offer the day the house went on the market. Or even earlier.

“It could be pre-sold,” Brugman said.

Buyers have to be ready to move quickly, especially in certain price ranges, she said.

“If you see a house for $300,000 or below, you have a bidding war on your hands. Even $400,000 and below. That’s a crazy-strong market,” said Brugman.

That price range is especially appealing to young families who want their children to attend Williamson County’s schools, she said.

Buying a home is a significant step, and Logan understands why clients often tell him they want to take time to pray over their decision before making an offer.

“While you’re praying about it,” he tells them, “someone else’s prayers are being answered.”


Source:  Bill Lewis, For The Tennessean