Match Day is Fast Approaching - Doctors, Dentists, and Physicians of all kinds are coming to Nashville

Medical professionals are well aware that the third Friday in March is quickly approaching. Match Day is almost upon us, and as all of the difficult work is winding down you probably can’t help but wonder “where am I going to end up?” An important question, particularly since there’s going to be a whole lot of change coming your way very quickly.

Nashville (and it's surrounding areas including Franklin, TN) is currently a huge hub of the medical world, and by most estimates it is considered to be one of the top areas for professionals interested in the healthcare industry. Chances are, you could be matched to one of the many hospitals in the area. If you’ve requested to be matched with one of the foremost hospitals in the area like Vanderbilt or St. Thomas West, you may want to reach out to an agent soon to start looking at your options. The home buying process is complicated at best, and rushing into a decision is the last thing you want to do.

Your vision is to find some quality real estate that you can pay for through the Doctor Loan and not have to worry about the neighborhood, nearby schools, or the possibility of a costly hour long commute to your new residency. Perhaps your spouse is finally excited not to live in a small one bedroom apartment anymore and dreams of a spacious three or four bedroom home with a yard for the kids to play in.  Our vision is to find you that home!

Real estate can be a hassle, especially for those in the medical profession. You want quality, comfort, and affordability, just like everyone else. You also want to avoid the potential of a long, drawn out home buying process, because you have bodies to heal and lives to save. You’ve earned your way into your new residency, and in our eyes, you’ve also earned your way into the best Nashville home we can find for you.

It’s fortunate for you that Nashville has a robust and healthy real estate market, and a good Realtor can help you find your dream home here in the Music City. There are houses in our area that will meet the needs of anyone and everyone, if you know where to look.

Whether you get matched right away or end up having to scramble for a match, it never hurts to be prepared and to look at all of your potential living options in advance. You really don’t know for certain what your life will look like in a month, but knowing that you and your family will have a place to live can give some incredible peace of mind.

~ Libby Bruno and Ryan Hilliard