Nashville Area Hospitals are the perfect choice for any new Resident

As a medical professional you’re probably wondering where you should plan your future, buy your house, and settle down. If so, it’s quite possible that Nashville has crossed your mind. The Nashville area is home to some of the premiere hospitals in the United States, and when Match Day rolls around you could end up with a new southern home. Let me give a quick rundown of the top hospitals in our area, and why you really should give Nashville a close look!

Vanderbilt Medical Center/ Children’s Hospital

Here’s a name that everyone knows: Vanderbilt. Besides close association with the fairly regular March Madness contender, the medical side of Vanderbilt cares more about the third Friday in March than tip-off time. Vanderbilt has every field of medicine imaginable, from cancer treatment and neurology to dental health and plastic surgery. They also focus on medicine research in order to further help their patients heal and push the medical community to further heights.

Saint Thomas West

Saint Thomas West has been consistently ranked in the top 100 hospitals in the United States for many years now, and there’s no indication that the hospital wants to have that go away anytime soon. This faith-based hospital holds the highest quality care for patients as its core value, and it shows. If you’re a doctor looking for a potential match in cardiology, orthopedics, cancer treatment, or a whole host of other options, this hospital is a fantastic choice.

Williamson County Medical

Just a short drive away from Nashville you’ll find this precious gem of Tennessee. Few hospitals can match the achievements of this one. It’s currently ranked 1st in the market for medical care, it’s in the top 10% in the United States for overall hospital, medical, surgical, and cancer care, and it’s in the top 10% for patient safety in Tennessee. Sounds like a great place to work or get treated!

Tristar Southern Hills

Another impeccable option, Southern Hills claims its place as a pillar of Nashville’s medical community for a number of solid reasons. When it comes to quick patient care, this hospital is a top choice. They boast an average ER wait time that usually spans anywhere from 4-15 minutes. Specializations include cardiology, cancer care, joint and spine care, and a state of the art sleep center. Also included is a competitive program to keep their medical professionals learning and growing with continued education.

Tristar Centennial Hospital

Boasting 5 different Medical Centers, Centennial is another well-known and popular options for healthcare in the Nashville area. With a Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital, Women’s Hospital, Heart Center, and one of the area’s oldest psychiatric facilities all in one hospital, you can’t go wrong.

Nashville General

With close ties to Meharry Medical College and Vanderbilt University, Nashville General Hospital always has its ear to the ground within the medical world for new breakthroughs and treatments. Besides the obvious goal to assist and heal its’ patients, the nature of this hospital is geared toward education. Medical students from the area utilize Nashville General as the primary teaching hospital, but breast health, cardiology, imaging, and numerous other clinics are also available as opportunities to medical professionals.

~ Libby Bruno and Ryan Hilliard