So you are interested in gathering information on selling your home in Nashville or the surrounding areas.  Maybe you've added to your family and realize you've outgrown your current home.  Or, you've realized you have more space than you need and are hoping to downsize to a home that takes less maintenance. Perhaps you made a smart choice many years ago and invested in a home in an area that has appreciated greatly and you'd like to see how much of a return you can get on your real estate investment.  Look no further. Libby Bruno can help you with all of these scenarios.

A home is so much more than just a structure.  It holds our dreams insides it's walls.  It protects our children while they sleep.  It gives us a place to make memories, share celebrations, and create a comforting space to enjoy time with those we love.  There is nothing quite like the comfort of a good home, and it is often hard to make the decision to sell the very place that has provided you with such comfort.  Selling is a big decision and every seller needs a Realtor that is sensitive to the emotions a seller may be feeling.  Libby Bruno has navigated these waters many times and feels that counseling sellers through this process is one of the most rewarding aspects of her career.

Libby will visit your property multiple times to become personally intimate with the details of your home in order to prepare accurate data on pricing and marketing strategies.  Her goal is to yield you the most return on investment for your home, in the shortest amount of time, and as conveniently to each of her sellers as possible.  Libby employs a high quality professional photographer for all of her listings and adopts the proven strategies that has made The Wilson Group one of the state's leading and most powerful full-service real estate providers.

Invite her in today and Libby Bruno will bring results!